Why We Should Put Our Faith in God Over the World

Many of us are accustomed to following what we can see with our eyes. Most of us like to have a future we can predict. We like to have things prepared and organized. We like to know what to expect; we prefer to be in our comfort zones.

We prefer to trust the system of the world over the guidance of the creator but let us ask ourselves this question: why should we put our trust into the world?

Does the world guarantee us safety from poverty, illness, injury and death? Does the world promise us stable finances and a successful future?

In the beginning, God created this world to be a perfect place where there was no suffering, death and illness. Under the guidance of God, the world was made secure. However, man brought sin into the world by his actions and thus making the world into what it is today. The world has become what it is today from the imperfections of man.

God provided a perfect world for us before we decided to do things our own way. God was the master maker who provided a world free from all poverty, death and illness until we brought it in from the choice of our free will.

If we understand that God’s ways are filled with perfection while the world’s ways are filled imperfection, why do we decide to follow the world’s security? If we are the cause of the world’s imperfections, why would we put the trust of our hopes, dreams and securities into our own knowledge?

Under the world’s power, anything given can easily be taken away and once it is taken away, we are left with nothing. Now anything taken from God will never leave you with nothing because regardless what is taken, you will still always have what you truly need.

God knows everything we need in our lives. He knows us better than ourselves. Everything given to you is given to you for a reason. From the face you wear, to the talents you possess, from your body type, to your colored race. Everything you are is the exact way he wants you to be.

God is the master designer of everything. He placed the earth, the moon, and the sun exactly where they are in order for life to happen. Everything is the way it is because it is required for life to take place.

God is made up of everything good and pure so every pure, happy and constructive thought going through your mind comes from him. Your excitements, dreams, ambitions and ideas were all placed in your mind by God. God has a master plan for every person born into the world and he has already given him and her everything he or she needs to accomplish it.

If we place our full trust in his plan, he will provide us the fullness of his blessings. What does it mean to place our full trust in his plan? It means we should not have any back up plans or worldly security to fall back on. By having back up plans we are preparing for the potential failure of God’s plan. We doubt the creator of the universe at bringing his promises to reality. We are preparing to fall back on what we know will for sure secure our futures: our back up plan. In other words, we aren’t one hundred percent certain the creator of the universe will provide everything we need to accomplish what he promised us but we are one hundred percent certain our back up plan (which is the imperfect world’s plan) will save us from complete disaster should our plan set by God fail.

An imperfect world cannot promise us perfect security so why do we put our trust in it? Is it because we can see our future with our eyes and predict it with our minds? Why should we trust in our eyes and mind? Can our eyes and mind promise us security? Are our eyes and mind powerful enough judges for our entire futures and lives?! For a sales job, investing all of our hard earned money into products that have been selling very well lately seems like a great investment. Normally it would be but who’s to say the market of your products won’t suddenly crash? How would we know? You’re right, no one would know, that’s simply the risk of doing business.

The truth is, no one knows for sure if their plans will work out. Everything we do is a risk and a guess. Any plan that seems like a great idea at the time can easily run the other direction fast. None of us can be one hundred percent certain that their plans will work out the way we want them to.

None of us know the perfect plans for our lives. Using the best knowledge we have, we pursue the plan that seems like the best course of action. No matter how educated we become, nothing we do will ever promise us stable security. Everything action we take is a risk.

This is why we should give our plans to God. God knows everything, he knows what works and what doesn’t and he knows when something will work and when something won’t. God’s timing is perfect and everything he does is exactly what needs to be done. If God can adjust everything in the universe just perfectly so life can happen, do we not believe he will take care of our futures?

Forget everything you think you know and give it to God because he knows everything better than you do already! Do you want something done perfectly? Give it to him and He’ll show you exactly what you need to do and when you need to it! Would you rather live your life with risks and guesses or give your life over to someone who promises to carry out perfectly, who has proven to carry out things perfectly! The world has proven many times to fail us but God has proven many times to provide for us through his word and the word of thousands of testimonies.

Imagine how perfect our plans would be if we gave them to God one hundred percent! Imagine the possibilities if we had complete faith in his ability to provide! Imagine how happy we would be if we relaxed and had faith in His ability to carry out our plans exactly when they needed to be carried out! No one knows how to succeed in our ambitions better than he does so we should give to him! Stop relying on an unpredictable world and start believing in the creator of the universe! Spend less time stressing over what might work on your plans and start filling your mind with God’s wisdom and understanding on how everything truly works. The world fills your mind with doubt and insecurity but God fills you with hope and confidence which is a huge part of what you need to achieve your success! Under his guidance, there is no way you will fail! So for once invest your time, money and life into something that is sure to work! Before you doubt his power, remind yourself how small your plans are compared to how big the almighty God truly is!

Crash-Proofing Our Prosperity in the New Paradigm of the World

Americans seem to be at a loss today to find an answer to the question, “who are we”? We have associated ourselves to be the leader in the world of many things. This has been true since about 1948 when the west surged upward and away from the rest of the world in many different categories including being the reserve currency for the entire world.

And because the USA was leading the way it gave the rest of the world something to strive for and set an example of how to achieve the goals set out.

In the past few decades the structure of the world has changed, the Asian and Latin American countries began to “catch up” and living standards started to converge. Now thanks to the incredible reductions in poverty, the United States is not the winner “by a long ways” many countries are hot on our heals.

I think that this equalization of the world is a good thing but the change in global social structure has created a psychological crisis in the U.S. Since WW II all of us in the U.S. has built our national identity on our rank among the nations…….at the front with everyone else trailing behind. In the world of converging sociology there are not many countries left in the dust, everyone is experiencing this social growth.

Many are moving from poverty, living on less than $2.00 per day to the standard of middle class. That means they have money to spend on non-necessities but it also involves a shift in values. People in the middle class have fewer children but spend more time and money on the children they do have.

They teach their children to lead different lives than their own instead of expecting them to come into the family business or a family tradition of certain types of careers. to learn new ways to live that will make us feel like our life is “crash-proof”. It reminds me of something that Karl Marx observed and wrote about, he said, “it (education) unleashes a relentless spirit of improvement and openness that alters every ancient institution”.

This shift to the middle class is good because according to the Pew Research Center, when they interviewed middle class people they found that they are more likely to value democracy, free speech and objective judiciary. They were found to embrace pluralism and believe that you don’t have to believe in God to be a good person.

The new Paradigm is in educating the population of the world and the United States has a distinct role to play in that education. We have been the leaders of the world for over a half century and we have produced the likes of Benjamin Franklin, one of the original spokesmen for the middle class.

The U.S. produced Horatio Alger who told stories about poor boys and girls who rose up to the middle class by being serious about their education. We have produced such self-help guru’s as Dale Carnegie to Oprah Winfrey not to mention the U.S created the suburbs and a new sort of middle class dream.

The dream they created was in owning a home, getting to know your neighbors, working hard at a job, raising a family and retiring with a pension.

For many the economy has destroyed the dreams of security and financial stability as more and more people become un-employed and so many houses are being foreclosed on. What happened to the American Dream?

We have a lack of confidence in our leadership which leads us to believe that we need to take the future into our own hands. If we do not do this immediately we may just see the entire middle class wiped out. Even though it seems indestructible with the huge numbers of people who have risen out of poverty to middle class. We need to remember that the middle class has the biggest tax burdens and because of higher education and hopes for a bright future for our children we will go into tremendous debt for the sake of that education.

Education is the key, how do we “crash-proof” our wealth? How do we put our self into a position that the recession doesn’t affect us, the devaluation of our dollar isn’t an issue and inflation won’t take the food off of our table?

Because the old paradigm has been “disrupted” never to return we need to look to new ways to educate ourselves. The universities are not teaching us what we need to know, who we can trust, what to invest in because they are stuck back in the old paradigm.

Everyone wants the answers on how to “crash-proof” their future and prosperity. There is really only one way and that is to shift into the new Paradigm of thinking because things have changed drastically as you know and so this shift is needed. There is so much that can be done but we need to educate in order to see these tasks through.

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